The Copper Experience

The Copper Experience

Sq ft pricing is the number one comparison people look to make, however this is the most inaccurate way to prepare yourself to build a new home.  At Copper Falls we break down all the building costs and show you where your money is going .  Builders can calculate a sq ft estimate in different ways and many times homes the same size can vary in price drastically depending on finishing and design.  

Copper Falls customers, like any home buyer, are people who are preparing to make a significant investment in a home, it's a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly.  Our customers are looking for a peace of mind that should they enter into such a huge commitment their builder is professional.  The customer wants to know they can count on a budget and a time line, and to know their hard earned money is being respected but with a balance that the quality of their home comes first in any decision.  They feel comfortable with our team, from on site dealing with our professional group of employees and trades, to in our office seeing their financials tracked professionally and working with our design team to turn their ideas into reality.

A custom home allows you to personally design your home and all the functional aspects you want for your lifestyle.  We design homes with the client and help them to achieve all the things they want their home to include in their day to day life.  

Yes. We do large scale renovations and help prepare potential renovation customers on the challenges that come with renovations.  The reality of a large scale renovation can change many peoples minds but, we review those challenges and for those who are prepared to move forward, we execute their projects the same as any other.   

We build the majority of our projects as a cost plus contract.  We build an estimate for the project and along the way if a customer can save money or if they decide to upgrade any aspect of their home the costs change accordingly.  Our fees are built on a percentage based from this cost, and we also provide all our customers with our discounted pricing from trades and suppliers so you receive our discounted rates.  

The process of finding the right builder can be difficult, obviously the price is a large part of your decision, however trying to compare apples to apples on a project with so many details is near impossible.  We try to provide as much detail as possible so along with our cost plus contract our customers are comfortable knowing that in the end they can see where there money is going and everything will be an open book.  As for comparing our prices directly, we aren't more expensive, we are communicating more accurate pricing.  

No, we draw the plans in house with 3D renderings, complete with walk through tours so there is no need to provide your own, although some customers do bring us finished plans for pricing.


Yes, we have plenty of experience and many options for professional trades to service your acreage project.

Copper Falls is a member of Pacific Home Warranty and complies with the provincial standard 2-5-10 warranty program.  However, our customers deal directly with us, and our  email allows customers to easily send us any concerns anytime of day so they can relax knowing we have it covered.  

Copper Falls has valuable partnerships with our trades and suppliers.  We stay on top of market prices to make sure those relationships are yielding the best prices for our customers.  We also provide many trade services in house so we can control those prices directly.  

Yes, every home is covered and costs are included in our budgets.

Copper Falls keeps a responsible balance of homes in a year to ensure we can make every customer a priority and also maintain warranty with past customers.  We are a small company that prides itself in making friendships with our customers and we are always available to our customers if they need to discuss their build.  

Yes, we do allow customers to provide some materials and work themselves.  This does however not fall under warranty so its important to make sure you understand what you are saving vs loosing .

Our team will guide you along the way for finishing selections.  You are provided with budget numbers for your build and we help you to stay within those budgets along the way.  We can also update your virtual tour as you select your finishes so you can be rest assured you have made the right choices.  

Our team will guide you along the way for finishing selections.  You are provided with budget numbers for your build and we help you to stay within those budgets.  We can also update your virtual tour as you select your finishes so you can be rest assured you have made the right choices.  

From the day your build begins we receive and enter costs for your home daily.  We also begin to get firm quotes from our trades on projected costs along with finalizing finishing selections.  These firm costs are then entered to your budget sheet to constantly evolve towards your final costs well before completion.  

Copper Falls is aware of all levels of energy efficiency in BC homes.  Typically customers have their own requests to make them feel more efficient rather than a rating on their home that can be costly although this can be provided.  We do have many standards that exceed most customers own requests such as ICF foundations, spray foam all horizontal assembly seams, Halo Exterra exterior wall insulation system.

  • " I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Jeff and Brent on some of their projects. They bring a sense of reliability and calm to all that they do. The clients have been more than satisfied with the end results. The build goes smoothly and the finishes are flawless. I have been in the business for almost 39 years and have a huge respect for them and their work. I would highly recommend them for your next build. "
    —Valerie - Retail Lending Manager

  • " I couldn't wait to start our new home! They were courteous & listened to all our concerns. Our house is everything we wanted! "

  • " A huge thank you to Copper Falls for making a long time dream come true; renovating our home. Jeff and Brent brought everything together, on time within our budget and surpassing all of our expectations. "
    —Clyde and Trish

  • " On time, on budget, and as discussed. A quality builder with integrity who made our home and our experience a dream come true. "
    — Scott

  • " We absolutely love our new home built by Copper Falls Custom Homes. Brent, Jeff and their whole team were fantastic to work with thru the building process and the follow up stage of having a new home. The quality of workmanship and detail are above none. "
    —Kevin & Trish

  • " A big thank you for taking on my home, you were a pleasure to have build my home and every detail reflects you and your company, I love my new home "
    — Jodi


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